Security Check :
• Separate luggage before puting into the X-Ray machine
    1. Carry-on luggage
    2. Jacket, Suits
    3. Notebook / Laptop
    4. Zip-lock plastic bag containing with liquids less than 100 ml. per bag and not exceed 1 liter in total.
    5. Liquid, gel and spray purchased from duty free shop at the Airport remain in the clear plastic bag without any traces of opening. Evidence that the purchase date is the same as the date of travel must be declared to officials at the security checkpoints.

• Firearms, knife or any of dangerous goods are prohibited. This includes the liquids exceeding the permitted amounts. Items mentioned above that are found by the authorities will be confiscated.

• Cooperate with authorities to ensure safe travel.

• Check your luggage before leaving the security point.

• Do not leave your luggage unattended.

• Pay attention to information available in the airport such as banners, brochures, public announcements, LCD Information screens, etc.

• In case a passenger needs to bring firearms and ammunition onto the aircraft, the passenger must declare to the airlines at the check-in counter, in order to comply with the rules and regulations.

• In case of an unlawful act in the airport, please notify Security.
(Or contact 02-132-4000, 02-132-1911 for Suvarnabhumi airport)

• In case a passenger finds luggage or any goods left unattended :
    1. It is strictly prohibited to touch, carry or move those luggage.
    2. Immediately notify the authorities.
    3. If possible, please wait for the authorities in order to help finding the luggage or providing additional information.
    4. While you are waiting for the authorities, do not stay close to the luggage and tell others to do the same.

• Be at the boarding gate 20 minutes before the departure time and allow extra time for Passport Control and security check before boarding.